Supported Independent Living

(Commonly known as Shared / Group Home accommodation)

Supported Independent Living (SIL) service helps you to do your daily tasks to maintain your independence and control of your life. This service provides need-based supports to build your skills to improve your independence and quality of life.

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BB Disability & Health Services is a registered NDIS SIL provider. We have 3-5 bedroom SIL homes with highly trained Support Workers to support and assist you 24/7 to meet your goals. The SIL Homes are a gateway to experience more independence, choice, control, and happiness in safe and secure accommodation.

Your comfort, choices, happiness matter the most in the selection of your SIL Home, sharing with others. We will do our best to arrange a suitable living arrangement ensuring other members of the home have similar needs, interests, and preferences.

Our experienced and highly trained staff will support you with:

How to Access the Supported Independent Living services?

In order to access the Supported independent Living services, you need to have a SIL funding approval within your NDIS Case Plan. You can find the SIL funding approval in your NDIS plan under the Core Supports – Daily Supported Living.

If this sounds like a good idea, move in with us for a great experience at our SIL Home.

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